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★★★★1/2 Theatre Thoughts

★★★★ Audrey Journal

★★★★ Suzy Goes See


“Do you want to make me desperate?”

Alissa smiles, “Yes. Don’t say anymore.”

Alone in a hotel, Elisabeth is being watched. After the loss of her baby, Elisabeth, haunted by grief, withdraws from reality to convalesce. Captivated by her presence, hotel guests Max Thor and Stein observe her trance-like state. But when Max’s young wife Alissa arrives, the veneer of rest and recuperation comes crashing down. In the confines of this desolate place, Max, Alissa and Stein enter into a dangerous game with their fragile companion.

directed by Claudia Osborne

costume/set design by Kelsey Lee and Grace Deacon

lighting design by Kelsey Lee

sound design by Angus Mills

dramaturg Thomas De Angelis

performed by Adriane Daff, Grace Victoria, Andreas Lohmeyer, Gabriel Alvarado and Tommy Misa

photographs by Phil Erbacher and Tom Crammond

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